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Trash Bins and Recycle Area
Posted on Sep 19th, 2022

Friendly reminder,
Please put your trash bins out on Sunday's only by 2:00 pm and place them back in your garage by Monday evening after they are returned to your driveway. This does not apply to the LFUCG's holiday schedule (emails will be sent out for those days with the updated information).
We have been finding waste items placed in the blue recycle bins and area that are not recyclable. Please note that if you have items like carpet or its padding, Styrofoam, wood, metal items other than food cans and etc. they should be placed in your regular trash bin at your unit. If it is too big to be placed in the bin simply place it on the road curb where the bins are pushed to and they will be picked up on the regular trash days. If there is a question on if its recyclable or not, please place it in your regular trash bin. Below is a list of what can be placed in the blue recyclable bins.
Never bag recyclables
Never put trash, plastic bags, liquids, food or wet materials in the recycling. Items should be put in the blue cart or recycling dumpster clean, dry and loose. 
Acceptable items
*Aluminum cans: soda and beer cans
*Steel cans, lids and canisters: canned food (labels can stay on); lids from spaghetti sauce, salsa and other glass food jars (lid separate from jar); metal canisters for coffee, tea or cookies
*Plastic screw top bottles, jugs and jars (caps on): soda and water bottles; milk jugs; liquid laundry detergent jugs; peanut butter jars
*Dry cardboard with packing material removed: moving boxes; shipping boxes; carry out/delivery pizza boxes (please throw away parts of the box with food residue or grease)
*Box board: gift boxes; shoe boxes; cereal boxes; toilet paper rolls; paper towel rolls; wrapping paper rolls; soda or beer boxes; tissue boxes; frozen food boxes; paper egg cartons; clean, paper takeout containers (plastic takeout containers are NOT accepted)
*Paper: office paper; magazines; catalogs; envelopes; newspaper; packing paper
*Cartons: milk; cream; juice; broth; wine (bladder removed); soup
*Brown paper: paper grocery bags; packing paper; Kraft paper
*Glass bottles and jars, colored and clear: soda, beer and wine bottles; pasta sauce jars; salsa jars
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